August 17, 2020

Episode 55 - Wheelchair Warriors

The deluge of news is finally slowing and the team takes a well deserved rest in the gardens, whilst still bringing you the latest information from the world of tabletop. This cast covers the Ennie Winners, Roll20 boom, Combat Wheelchairs, Asmodee going alone, Starfinder returning to Alexa and more! As the storm clouds gather overhead the team discuss the relationship between publishers and reviewers and where the line lies between reviews and paid content.  


Ennies announced

Roll20 reports covid RPG boom

Combat Wheelchair

AJ Le Brun Interview



AEG CEO John Zinser unwell


WOTC drops ACD

Alexa Starfinder RPG grows

Patreon Shoutouts

Exec Producers 

Lucky Sparrow Gaming Cafe

Shaun Newman


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Metallic Dice Games

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Captain Sir Tom Moore memorial mini


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