March 18, 2019

Episode 24 - Eagle Bridge

On the eve of our 1st year anniversary the guys look into the depth of the news sea and hook only the tastiest bites for you. This week the world of Bridge is rocked by doping, Martin Wallace has a bone to pick with Eagle Gryphon games, Asmodee loses track of its Bears, franchise tie-ins galore and we finally get down to debating the merits, or not, of Monopoly. 


Top Bridge Player faces doping ban

Martin Wallace says Eagle Gryphon does not have the rights to publish Age of Steam

Kickstarter page:

Original accusation:

Christian Petersen statement:

Resolution that came about after recording:

Heidelbar leaves Asmodee Group


IT gets the boardgame treatment

Imaginable Guidelines

Restoration Games announces Unmatched

Labyrinth RPG


And finally...Black Lotus breaks the bank

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