November 11, 2018

Episode 17 - Thieving Ghosts

Welcome to Brainwaves a fortnightly podcast bringing you the best in Boardgame and Tabletop Gaming News. In this episode we cover thefts at the Essen game fair, accusations of plagiarism, movies coming to games and games coming to movies as well as the innovations of Tabletopia and Tabletop Simulator. 


Essen Thefts

This last link emerged after we had recorded and mentions other companies targeted we were not aware of

Dreamworks options Mice and Mystics

Netrunner rises


Strange & Norrell

Amigo Spiele Accusations

CMON obtains Night of the Living Dead license

MIB/ Ghostbusters crossover

RPG Corner

Root RPG

John Wick Presents announcement

No public link, only for backers



Monopoly for Millennials


Lloyd Burt - our latest patron, thanks Lloyd!

Mairi Jacks, the winner of our Escape the Dark Castle giveaway. Congratulations!

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