December 7, 2020

Episode 62 - Metal Oceans

It’s Christmas time at Brainwaves HQ and the two Iains are decorating the tree! It shines magnificently in the corner of the Brainwaves studio as the team cover sinkings, new awards, old awards, Wizards dropping the ball (or should that be snitch?), and the feud between Uri Geller and a card game. 



The Zenobia Award

GAMA Makes more Changes to the Origin Awards for 2020/2021 Cycle

Games Shipped to Abyssal Floor



Update: Netflix Settles Bandersnatch “Choose Your Own Adventure” Lawsuit

MODCon Announced, the Online Convention of Modiphius and Dragonmeet

D&D Racial Improvements will “take years”

Wizards being prepped for sale?

Knight Models bungles Harry Potter Response

Uri Geller retracts feud with specific pokemon


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Exec Producers: Lucky Sparrow Gaming Cafe

Shaun Newan

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James Naylor’s mental health first aid



Sea of Thieves Monopoly

Metallica Monopoly


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