September 28, 2020

Brainwaves 57 - Pulsating News

Jamie has returned from the depths of the Brainwaves HQ with the help of Iain C and large quantities of caffeine. As Iain M gets them back in the studio and calms things down the team get back on the news wagon. This cast covers the return of an old friend, more awards, Critical role’s charitable side, old games, new money and much more. Brainstorm returns as the team discusses whether bigger companies should use crowdfunding at all. 


Hero Quest Returns

Iain plays Heroquest with Paul Grogan and others.


More Awards


Critical Role Foundation



Cards against humanity sells cafe


Viking Game dug up


Pokemon sells for lots


Patreon Shoutouts

UK Games Expo Interview


Exec Producers: Lucky Sparrow Gaming Cafe


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Shaun Newman

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